Give credit where due...:)
If you download my tubes leave me a message...:)
It doesnt hurt to say "Thanks"...Does it?

Ok peeps...

Dont ruin your pics/tags with my name or copyright on them...;)
You made the pics put your name on them..;)

All I want from you is a link on your blog/site telling others where you got the tubes...

Feel free to use my tubes in anything that is FREE...;)

Please DO NOT add my posers for download on your own blog, site or forum...:)
My tubes are to be used in your Artwork/Tagging/Designing only... :)

Please DO NOT add my posers to anything you are making a PROFIT from...
(unless you have contacted me personally and i have given you special permission to do so.)
I will not grant permission for commercial use if i think you are just out to make yourself a quick buck from me and the money, time and effort i have put into my work!!

I make tubes purely for pleasure and NOT for profit...:)

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